Buffalo’s Best Fish Fry

Any Buffalonian will tell you the attributes which make the absolutely most perfect and delectable fish fry. However, opinions differ wildly on the subject, so it naturally makes us curious about the things that make a fish fry “perfect.” We have been cooking up fish frys since the very beginning of Joe’s Deli over on Hertel Ave. Obviously, the answer to anyone who would inquire as to whom has the best fish fry is Joe’s Deli.  Lets take a deeper look at the elements of a fish fry and our approach to quality of ingredients and nothing short of pure craftsmanship

Without further delay – the ingredients:

  • fish (duh)
  • a perfect batter
  • fries
  • cole slaw
  • tartar sauce
  • lemon (optional)

First, its important to us to find the freshest haddock this city has to offer. A fish fry is only as good as the fish. Although we prefer fresh out of the ocean, we make do with the resources that are available, we are after all in the city of Buffalo. Secondly, the batter ought to be a delicious beer batter – not too salty and not too sweet.  it cant be too doughy when its cooked, or soggy in any way. The perfect fish fry is crisp and crunchy through and through. This requires a homemade beer batter made with local beer cooked to perfection. If you cook the fish too long, its hard as a rock. If you cook it to slow, then the whole thing is going to fall apart and the batter slides off everywhere. Theres a science here, and after all of our years in business, we think we cracked the code.

Whats a fish fry without the accoutrements? We’re talking fresh cut french fries! Don’t try to step to our fish fry game with any of that frozen garbage! The fries have to be cut and fried to a crisp perfection as well. Some like em a little soggy, some like them well done – just let us know .

We feel one of the most understated parts of the perfect fish fry is the cole slaw. Sure, there are pre-made situations out there, but one of the things that makes our establishment so enjoyable is that everything is made from scratch – even the cole slaw. The perfect fish fry has a heaping amount of cole slaw of crisp crunchy cabbage carrots, and special seasoning.

Last but not least is the lemon. Some people gotta have it, others not so much. We don’t care either way, but one thing is for sure – if life gives you lemons, you better make some  lemonade!

If you need more info – don’t take just our word for it – we were voted Buffalo’s Best Fish Fry by the Buffalo Spree.

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